We are engaged in manufacturing and distribution of BOPP (Bioxiliary Oriented Polypropline) Self-adhesive packaging tape from last 10 years. We are manufacturing BOPP self adhesive tapes under the brand name of "TUFFEX" 

"TUFFEX" tapes are manufactured in an ultramodern and sophisticated plant run under the personalized care of a team of skilled, specialized, & dedicated industry experts. 

The whole procedures from the know-how researching, rewinding, slitting, assembling packing and quality control are all completed under one roof with strict supervision by Quality Control staff. 

Our plant is equipped with a high speed slitter - rewinder machines. For precision slitting, the machine has latest features like air brake & auto turret system. All this ensures that the tapes you get are precision slit and of the exact length. 

Tapes are slitted as per customer specifications viz. 12mm, 18mm, 36mm, 48mm, 60mm & 72mm & in length 50mts, 65mts, 100mts, 200mts, 250mts & uptill 650mts. 

"TUFFEX" tapes are specially made and designed to ensure best quality at economical price for perfect sealing & dust proof packaging. 

Our customer's business rely heavily on our services that is why it is of utmost importance for us to provide excellent product and services. 

Competitive rates: In spite of the increasing rates, the balance between price and quality of the product remains a distinct competitive feature of Prayaas Sales Corporation in the market of BOPP self adhesive tapes.

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