BOPP Self Adhesive Packaging Tape 

 Base Material : BOPP Film (Biaxillary Oriented Poly Propylene Film)
 Adhesive Coating : Emulsion Pressure Sensitive Water Base Butyl Acrylic (Bondex).
 Elongation : 110%
 Adhesion to Steel : More than 250 gms/cm
 Rolling back tack : Less than 7.5 cms
 Sheer Strength : More than 200 minutes
 Adhesion to Self : Less than 90 gms/cm
 Printability : Upto 3 colors as per specifications by Rotogravure Printing.
 Tensile Strength : 8-9 kg
 Self Life : More than 36 months.*

 Width Size Available : 12 mm, 24mm, 36mm, 48mm, 60mm, 72mm
 Length Available : 50mtrs, 65mtrs, 100mtrs, 130mtrs, 200mtrs, 250mtrs, 650mtrs
 Thickness Available : 43microns, 52microns

 Medium & Heavy Duty Carton Sealing.
 Gift Wrapping & Decoration.
 General Purpose Repair.
 Bundling & Strapping.
 Stationery Purpose.

Advantages for Using TUFFEX TAPE:
 Superb tack and adhesion to surface. Strong grip that is ensured because of an excellent adhesive backing.
 Quality processing equipment that guarantees consistent quality.
 Assured, marked tape length.
 Longer Shelf Life.
 Peak performance even under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature.
 Sticks on all types of Surfaces.(viz. Paper, Plastic, Wood, Glass, Fiber, Metal, etc.)

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